Instructor Profile

Name: Steven P. Weiniger DC

About: Steven P. Weiniger DC

Dr. Steven Weiniger, internationally renowned posture expert, has trained thousands of doctors, therapists, trainers, and other health professionals to become the local posture specialist, by assessing posture, rehabing injuries and then helping patients and clients to keep moving well with StrongPosture® exercise protocols. Dr. Weiniger literally wrote the book on improving posture, Stand Taller Live Longer: An Anti-Aging Strategy, used by doctors of all backgrounds, physical therapists, rehab centers, trainers, phys ed & college athletic departments worldwide. He is author of the postural assessment chapter in the textbook Photographic Manual of Regional Orthopedic and Neurological Tests. His expertise on posture, anti-aging & exercise, have been featured by international media, including NBC, ABC, FOX News, Oprah’s Oxygen network, Prevention, Natural Health Magazine, and more. He is the Program Designer and Master Instructor for CPEP Posture Certification - He can be reached at 770-922-0700