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Strong Posture Exercise Protocols get results by strengthening core control, function and posture with defined, short duration encounters designed for clinical settings. These progressive exercises progress patients and clients along Balance, Alignment and Motion (B.A.M.) tracks, and build an individualized 10 minute a day program.

StrongPosture® exercise program for pain relief, performance, anti-aging and wellness. While helping patients improve posture, you'll also teach them effective self-help techniques, easy-to-understand bio-mechanics, and ADLs... all designed to get results and referrals.

Need license renewal continuing education? 
Get training in an online, video-based course! Learn the popular StrongPosture
® exercise protocols for rehab, performance, wellness and active aging from the comfort of your own home at your own schedule.

Taught by posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger, each course features a series of videos designed to prepare you to incorporate concepts right now... in practice with patients, clients, and yourself!

Integrating posture into a practice with assessment, passive therapy and active exercise improves results, especially with patients experiencing the results of chronic mechanical, postural conditions. As patients begin to move and feel better, there is an excitement that builds engagement and empowerment.

Learn posture concepts, anatomy, research, assessment and how-to of each posture exercise through a lecture-demonstration format.  We offer five different three-hour modules, that make a single progressive 15 hour course. Up to 15 hours of online continuing education available. (The modules are progressive - you must take them in order.)

Continuing education credit hours are approved for license renewal in most states, view CE Approvals for info (left menu). Courses are available online 24 hours. Take as much time as you need to complete each module, log in and begin where you left off - or back up to review the material.  

A Sequence of Five Courses
Posture Practice Online 15 hour course by module:

  • Posture Practice I: Rehab of Motion & Balance (3hrs)
  • Posture Practice II: Motion Patterns (3hrs)
  • Posture Practice III: Compensation & Stabilization (3hrs)
  • Posture Practice IV: Adaptation & Core Retraining (3hrs)
  • Posture Practice V: StrongPosture & Wellness (3hrs)

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