Why Posture Training?

Why Posture Training?

Keep 77 Million Boomers Moving Well

Back pain and arthritis are large and growing problems, to boomers growing older, as well as seniors and geriatrics. The value of posture is often unrecognized, but bio-mechanic research increasingly shows the benefit of standing taller as a strategy to move and actually age better.

In our era of declining insurance reimbursement, strengthening posture is an unrealized niche to build perceived value and help people stay healthy and active by keeping them moving well biomechanically.


As boomers age and their posture slumps, many won't be content to fold over into "Old Posture".
Helping Boomers stand taller is an opportunity t ostand out for health, fitness and wellness practicesl.

Conventional wisdom and research show the benefits of improving posture: 
A 20 year University of London study looked at over 4,200 men aged 40-59 and found strong correlation between losing height and mortality. The authors speculated that slumping over postures caused a physical restriction of breathing which significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and respiratory mortality1.

In other words... Stand Taller ~ Live Longer

Digital Age Posture Problems are for Everyone

Posture problems aren't reserved for the elderly. Our sitting and digital device focused society is creating a litany of “iPosture” complaints from elementary age students on up.  Text-neck, hunched back, forward head posture, carpal tunnel syndrome all coupled with back, neck, shoulder, wrist or leg pain.  Integrating posture corrective exercise into a care plan can reverse and prevent these types of injuries and long term adaptations.

Athletic Edge and Injury Prevention
Increased motor control, core strength, control of breath, symmetry in movement, stronger balance, more fluid motion, and longevity of career are just a few of the benefits athletes tout as benefits to integrating the StrongPosture® protocols into their training regimen.  Dancers to runners, bodybuilders to golfers, athlete of all ages can improve overall performance and guard against injury.

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2Motor Control Learning in Chronic Low Back Pain, Magnusson ML, et al. Spine. July 15, 2008; Vol. 33, No. 16, pp. E532-E538.